About us

Hey ! Welcome to my blog. I am G. a mom of 3 naughty kids and a working woman. Since year I have been juggling with a lot of issues. These issues are ranged from personal, work, home, kid, finances and other stuff as well. Frugal living is one of the common interest every one share more specifically during the pandemic situation since last year where so many people lost their jobs. This is why, I am here to share everything I do to get frugal. From saving & beauty tips to DIY, you are going to get most of stuff under one roof. So let go & get frugal with me.

A little more about couponbayt.com. I have served to hundreds of clients around the glob. This is my initiative to share more of the stuff people might be unaware. At couponbayt.com, everything for you is to make you realize that we value your money. We do realize that each of your cents is a reward of your ton of difficult work and trust us all your dollars are of incredible worth for us!

We are committed and attempt our best to give you the full worth for your cash you pay to buy something. We do understand the value of your time & efforts you do for your living that’s why we are here to help you in making the vast majority of your time and cash by shopping with our updated coupons and cashback offers. You can get in touch with me directly at ghaxalah(at)couponbaytdotcom.